When people think of someone suffering from depression or anxiety it is always the emotional symptoms that first come to mind. You might imagine them skipping work to sit in a dark room or picture them having some sort of anxiety attack over the stresses that are in their life. But, the truth is that this is a condition that affects your whole body and there are physical symptoms that can present themselves as well. Here are some of the most common physical signs of depression and anxiety.

Chronic pain is something that many people with depression experience. For some people it comes in the form of headaches or migraines while others might feel it in their neck and back. Because this is a symptom that can be attributed to many different conditions, some people do not seek medical help and associate it right away with depression or anxiety. You might think that it's more about how you exercise or sleep than the fact that you're stressed out with work or concerns that you have with your family.

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Nausea and other digestive problems can also stem from depression. People who frequently have problems with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome have a higher chance of suffering from some sort of psychological problem and you might find that one makes the other seem much worse. When you're not feeling well you might choose not to go in to work and stay at home without interacting with others could feed your anxiety or depression. This is why this is something that you should have checked out if you're at risk of depression.

One of the first things that happens to people who experience depression or some forms of anxiety is that they lose their motivation to do anything. They might stop seeking jobs or stop going out with their friends and this could be caused by the exhaustion and fatigue that they feel. Some who suffer from these conditions have trouble even getting out of bed. Sleep is often disturbed and they might develop insomnia or want to sleep all of the time. If you find that you are unable to do much more than watch television and eat than you could be suffering from depression. Speak with a doctor right away regarding your symptoms.

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