It's not hard to believe that the amount of sleep that we get and our abilities to relax can affect our face and overall physical appearance. If you're working twelve-hour for just a few days in a row you will start to see those bags under your eyes and some of the color run out of your cheeks. But you might not be aware of how many long-term effects lack of sleep can have on how you look. Here are some of the things you should think about and some tips for reversing these effects.

If you find that every blemish is showing up like Rudolph's nose than this might be a symptom of lack of sleep. Many people develop skin that is a little grainier than usual and find that they need more make-up before leaving for work or a night out on the town to give them that healthy glow. This lighter skin is also why you're able to see those dark circles under your eyes. You also might find that you're rubbing your eyes a lot throughout the day. Dry eyes tend to be a result of lack of sleep.

There has been a huge connection between weight gain and not getting the correct amount of sleep in recent years. Some believe that this is because when you're awake for longer you have more time to eat. Others see it more as you needing more energy from food because you are using more during these additional hours. Either way, you will find that even if you're making the healthiest selections when you're ordering from a menu or cooking for yourself at home you will still find that you're at a healthier weight if you sleep well and take some time to relax.

If you're sleeping the correct hours a night for your body and you're still finding that you're tired in the middle of the day or suffering from some of these symptoms than you should look at your stress levels and make sure that you're taking some time to just sit back and relax as well. Between changing diapers and writing work reports you might put sitting and reading a book or taking a warm bath at the end of the day low on your list of priorities. But this can really do a lot to help your appearance and overall health. is made possible through the support and from funding companies like the team of lawyers at and many more!

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