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A boot to the ass stirred me. I opened my eyes to the grizzled mug of Sergeant Clantalion looming like an apparition from one of the Three Hells. His square jaw and scarred face thrust near mine. I mustered a crack about his breath. It came out as a grunt.


He grunted in return. His voice was gravel. “Get up, Mortlock. Time to die.”


I swallowed and tried again. This time I managed to sound coherent. “Already Sarge? I was dreaming.”


“Me and your wife again?” he countered, moving to kick the next person, a friend of mine called Fearson.


I moved my legs, stretching full length. Cartilage cracked. I shifted. Pain shot across the lower back, a grim reminder of yesterday’s march over rugged terrain.


Fearson turned to face me. Calloused fingers wiped at his sleep matted eyes. His weary voice echoed my pain. “I hurt.”


I sat up, clearing my throat to spit. “Might be that slab of ground we slept on.” I looked around. A handful of shapes lurched zombie-like in the glow of the full moon. I stood to a symphony of pops and snaps.


“Simple agreement would have sufficed, Mortlock,” Fearson replied, standing beside me.


The morning air was damp and chill. My nostrils caught a familiar scent. Food. Some kind soul had stoked last nights’ fire. Over it an iron pot boiled feverishly, filled to the brim with a pungent smelling broth.




Valley of Bones
... you are right in the trenches on the front line in the midst of battle. Very Intense. - Dan Nelson

... features an attack by a rampaging mammoth skeleton. Seriously, what other recommendation do you need than that?

Ryan Harvey - Black Gate

There are echoes of REH, Gemmell and Drake. It features undead mammoths. What ain’t there to love?

Deuce Richardson - The Cimmerian


More Praise:

The interactions between the soldiers are spot on.

Jeff Draper


This is the sort of hero I can relate to.

Janice Clark - The Fix


He has a talent for telling stories at a dizzying pace. - Wesley Lambert

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