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What’s New - May 2010


Not much to report since March, and what there is involves Yaggoth-Voor.


My fantasy tale received a nomination in the short story category for the Canadian Prix Aurora Award, as well as a nomination in the inaugural Harper’s Pen Award. Sadly, the story didn’t advance beyond the initial round in either venue. Still, nice to be considered.


Three additional reviews of Rage of the Behemoth appeared recently, each favourable. The anthology, from Rogue Blades Entertainment, continues to garner heavy praise.


Jaym Gates of Wings Lifting Wide said, “Rage of the Behemoth is about as far from the recent, often-parodied excuse for Sword and Sorcery as it can be and still be listed in the same genre.”


Gustavo Bondoni wrote on, “There were some stories that I found to be truly excellent: ... Bruce Durham’s “Yaggoth Voor” tells the tale of some sailors who come upon the wrong set of mischievous twins in a marvellous first-person narrative.”


And Luke Forney of Luke Reviews said,”This is one of the best anthologies I have read in a long time.” About my story he had this to say: “The best story in the anthology, a tale of Mortlock the Footman, this one focuses on a wrecked ship, an injured little girl, and a beast that seems to be toying with the crew. Wonderful dialogue, spot-on characterization, and a fast-paced plot, all wrapped up with a style that works perfectly for this type of story, makes this a true gem, and one of the best fantasy shorts I have read this year.”


Can’t beat that kind of endorsement.



What’s New - Mar. 2010


The Marsh God graphic novel received a good review on Trey Causey’s blog From the Sorcerer's Skull. Bottom line: Recommended.


Panathenaic has been accepted for the upcoming anthology Roar of the Crowd from Rogue Blades Entertainment.


The fine folks over at McHozer Comics have launched their new website. Check it out!


My short story Apocalypse will appear in the upcoming anthology Through Blood and Iron from Ricasso Press.


Panathenaic is undergoing a minor rewrite at the request of the editor.


The Roman/zombie script for my next graphic novel is complete. Work is underway to adapt my next Dalacroy tale, Catacombs.

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