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It was the lookout who spotted the wreck and shouted a warning.


“Damn,” I explained as a pair of dice bounced wildly from my hand, tumbling and rattling across the wooden deck before coming to rest. A one and a three. “Damn,” I explained again, reaching for a re-roll.


“What are you doing, Mortlock?” Creeson inquired, glaring at me with small, close-set eyes. With a small, battered nose, his face resembled a slab of meat ground by a boot. His scarred hand shot out to intercept mine.


“Stupid lookout spoilt my throw,” I mumbled, dodging.


Creeson cupped his hand protectively over the dice. Gyvens and Tek, rounding out our foursome, fixed me with their best nice try look.


We sat cross-legged on the deck of the Fat Lyla, a pile of coins stacked before us. Fat Lyla was a merchant transport that Sergeant Clantalion had requisitioned for our trip home. Until recently we had campaigned with the Duke of Qialtl against the Tyrant of Sholdathos. Qialtl was a city-state located in the country of Meizak, and had ties to my homeland of Coranthe. Apparently the Ducal line was descended from a certain Dalacroy Kildonan, who, the story goes, helped his girlfriend overthrow the bad men who had captured her city and sent her into exile. It was obvious she was grateful. She married the guy and begat a family tree. Of course, this all happened hundreds of years ago. As it was, Kildonan originally hailed from Coranthe, hence the close ties.












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“Yaggoth-Voor: A Tale of Mortlock” reads rather like the recently unearthed love child of RE Howard and HP Lovecraft. - Theodore Beale - Black Gate Magazine

One of the best tales in the book. -  

Deuce Richardson - The Cimmerian


Very interesting and well done. - Dale Strickland - Library Thing

“Yaggoth-Voor” by Bruce Durham is a real gem... - John O’Neill - Publisher - Black Gate

A cross between Call of Cthulhu and Pirates of the Carribean. Well worth the read.