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Archives - 2009

What’s New - Dec. 2009


Flashing Swords has closed its doors. The Legacy of a Distant Treasure, originally set to appear in the now canceled 13th issue, will be rewritten for another market.


What’s New - Nov. 2009


The Marsh God graphic novel has been released. 54 pages of sword & sorcery. Head to Cyberwizard Productions for a preview and link to purchase.


I have received an invitation to contribute a story to an upcoming anthology called Sha’Daa: Last Call, sequel to the highly praised Sha-Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse.


What’s New - Sept. 2009


Rage of the Behemoth from Rogue Blades Entertainment was released in June of this year to extremely positive reviews, including my story, Yaggoth-Voor. Deuce Richardson of The Cimmerian called it, “One of the best tales in the book.” Theodore Beale of Black Gate Magazine said, “Yaggoth-Voor...reads rather like the recently unearthed love child of R.E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft. John Ottinger III of Grasping for the Wind said, “Durham throws a great twist into the end ... t was wholly unexpected but at the same time is an extremely satisfying ending. A greatly entertaining story.”


Michael D. Hamersky of profiled me in his regular Spotlight On... feature. Read it here.


The graphic novel adaptation of my story The Marsh God is complete. Posting a page a week proved extremely successful, providing great feedback. At present I am waiting on the final proof of the print version. Expect some additional artwork, revised text, concept drawings and maps. The entire project was a blast, and I am looking forward to adapting more of stories based on my sword and sorcery characters Dalacroy and Moirya.


I had the chance to see the world premiere of Solomon Kane at the Toronto International Film Festival. After the movie I spoke at length with Director Michael J. Bassett, Producer Paul Berrow and James Purefoy (Kane). Among the things we discussed were the possible sequel as well as the upcoming Bran Mak Morn project. You can find my review  of Solomon Kane here.


What’s New - March 2009


Yaggoth-Voor is set to appear in the anthology Rage of the Behemoth from Rogue Blades Entertainment. The sequel to the highly praised Return of the Sword features an excellent cast of writing talent. It will be released later this year.


The Fall of Rome, a short story, appeared in the March issue of Abandoned Towers.

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