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What’s New - September 2010


I’m delving into the world of H.P.Lovecraft for my next story, with plans to submit it to an upcoming anthology. Watch out for those tentacles...


After some furious editing, my short story, Dark Assassin, has been submitted to Rogue Blades Entertainment for their upcoming anthology Clash of Steel: Assassins. It’s a tale of Cade, who was first introduced in Night of the Meld, and takes place in the world of Mortlock and Dalacroy. Now it’s time to wait with bated breath...


The publication date for the Sha’Daa: Last Call anthology, featuring my story Deathstalk, is set for November 15, 2010. I’m really looking forward to this one. Reserve a copy now.



What’s New - August 2010


Added some author interviews to my Bibliography page.


comixPress adjusted their outrageous international shipping & handling charges to something far more reasonable. Now perhaps The Marsh God will sell better overseas.



What’s New - July 2010


Rogue Blades Entertainment has a new anthology on the horizon. It’s the second in the Clash of Steel series, titled Clash of Steel: Assassins. Submission guidelines are on the previous link. Editor Jason Waltz wants to read the first 500 words of a story before deciding to see the rest. Nice idea, as you are forced to grab his attention from the start. My 500 word story submission, Dark Assassin, was given the go ahead.


Artist Johnney Perkins provided illustrations for each story in the upcoming Sha’Daa: Last Call anthology. The ilio for my story, Deathstalk, is pretty darn cool.


Flashing Swords has risen from the ashes and is inviting submissions. The first issue is apparently slated as an annual. I’ve submitted a Dalacroy story, Double Standard, so we’ll see what happens.



What’s New - June 2010


Jason Waltz of Rogue Blades Entertainment invites authors to enter the first annual RBE competition anthology. The theme is Discovery, with inspiration courtesy of cover art by V Shane (right). Jason is looking for heroic fiction, in any genre, with a word count from 3000 - 9000. The competition is both a writing challenge and fundraiser, with a $10 entry fee. The contest runs from June 1 to September 1, 2010.


I’m amazed at how many hits my review of Solomon Kane continues to receive. Perhaps I should concentrate on movie reviews... Anyway, it’s a shame some distributor in North America hasn’t picked up this gem yet.

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