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Archives - 2008
What’s New - Nov. 2008

The Countess D’Argenton appeared in the November issue of Abandoned Towers. The critically acclaimed anthology Return of the Sword entered its second printing.

What’s New - July 2008

My alt-history story Deluge recently appeared in the Special Summer Issue of Flashing Swords. (Now out of print).

There’s a great review of Return of the Sword from Ryan Harvey of Black Gate Magazine,  Here’s what he had to say about my story: Military action also takes center stage in Bruce Durham’s “Valley of Bones,” which features an attack by a rampaging mammoth skeleton. Seriously, what other recommendation do you need than that? What indeed?

What’s New - May 2008

My Dalacroy story Abuse of Power appears in the May Issue of Flashing Swords. It received a very good review at The Fix Online.

More praise for Return of the Sword and my story Valley of Bones from The Fix Online, Dan Nelson’s Blog and John Ottinger of Grasping for the Wind.

What’s New - April 2008

Return of the Sword continues to sell and garner great reviews. Visit Scriptorious Rex, The Star Road and Blogcritics for some exceptional praise.

What’s New - Mar. 2008

Return of the Sword is now available for $16.50 (US) plus shipping from Rogue Blades Entertainment, and

It’s a brand new anthology of blood-pounding, spine-tingling stories by some of fantasy’s most critically acclaimed Sword and Sorcery authors. A hand painted, wrap around cover by fantasy artist Johnney Perkins ensures that Return of the Sword will not only be enjoyable to read, but also look good on your coffee table or bookshelf.

What’s New - Feb. 2008

Read my Interview over at Flashing Swords. Night of the Meld appears in the current issue of Flashing Swords. Abuse of Power is scheduled to appear in the May 2008 issue of Flashing Swords. Deluge appears in a special issue of Flashing Swords in June.

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