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Links and Sites of Interest
Comets and Criminals - publishes reprints of many genres
Lovecraft eZine - stories of the Great Old Ones.
Pyr - publishes SF&F
Residential Aliens - Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars
Tales of Old - historical and alternate history podcasts - on hiatus

Canadian SF Works Database - catalogues works by Canadian authors
David Gemmell Legend Award - fantasy award.
Duotrope - website for writers markets
The Grand Index of Writing Advice - lots of links
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database - an extremely comprehensive database
Prix Aurora Award - for Canadian SF&F
Ralan - features an exhaustive range of market information
SF Canada - for a little local content, eh
SFF Net - an excellent resource for writers
SFReader - review website and forums
SFWA: Articles on Writing - good info for the novice to the professional

Author/Artist Web Sites
Celtic Shaman - a Canadian based independent comic company
Charles R. Saunders - author of Imaro
Christopher Heath - author of the Azieran series.
Dean Wesley Smith - excellent information on writing and getting published
G.W.Thomas - author and artist
Heroes in Hell - snippets from upcoming hellish stories appearing in Lawyers in Hell.
M.D. Jackson - artist
Miko - artist for The Marsh God comic adaptation
Sha’Daa Series - home of the dark fantasy anthology
Steven Pressfield - historical author

Sword & Sorcery Sites
Amra the Lion - REH site
The Cimmerian - the premiere blog for all things REH - closed, but full of information.
The Official Robert E. Howard Website - Conan, Kull, Solomon Kane,  and more!
The Official Robert E. Howard Forums
The Robert E. Howard Foundation
The Scrolls of Ironhand - amateur screenplays based on the writings of REH
Sword Cinema - an ever expanding list of S&S movies