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What’s New - October 2010


Dark Assassin was accepted by Rogue Blades Entertainment and will appear in the upcoming Assassins: A Clash of Steel Anthology slated for 2011.


Work continues on my historical/Lovecraftian tale set in the early years of Toronto.



What’s New - September 2010


Howard Andrew Jones of Black Gate Magazine paid me a compliment in his Dragon*Con Report, saying “Now — gasp — sword-and-sorcery seems to be undergoing a renaissance at some of the big publishers. I’ve found a home at... but talented authors like... Bruce Durham... are still out there awaiting discovery.” Thanks for the shout-out, Mr. Jones. Hear that, editors?


Locus Online recently announced Toronto would host the 2012 World Fantasy Convention, set for November 1 - 4. Not sure of the venue yet. I read somewhere the theme would be ‘Urban Fantasy’ and ‘Northern Gothic’. Ugh! Still, I’ll be there.

What’s New - November 2010


Sha’Daa: Last Call is available for purchase from Altered Dimensions Press. The shared world anthology features a dozen gripping stories set in the near future, where every 10,000 years a two-day rift opens between Earth and the many dimensions that harbour demons and other creatures of myth and legend.


My tale, Deathstalk, takes place on board the HMCS Toronto, an ultra-modern frigate patrolling the dangerous waters of the Indian Ocean. Their mission, as it happens, is far from routine. The true danger they face does not come from some common enemy, but from a portal that has opened deep within the bowels of the ship itself.

What’s New - December 2010


Some Sha’Daa: Last Call news. An online book trailer is available for the anthology courtesy of YouTube. It’s not long, just over a minute, but enough to whet your appetite.


There are a series of author interviews for the book here, including one by yours truly.


Added some links, updated a few pages, and added an excerpt from my short story Dark Assassin, available in the forthcoming Assassins: A Clash of Steel Anthology.


Next on the list will be an expansion of the Marsh God page to include an excerpt from the graphic novel.

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