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What’s New - December 2011


New publication Comets and Criminals has accepted my story Anezka for their winter issue.


My story Colony will appear in Adventurers in Hell, the 14th volume of the classic Heroes in Hell shared-world series by Janet and Chris Morris. Read my interview with Janet Morris here.


And there’s a contest, too, courtesy of the fine people at Perseid Publishing and Zauberspiegel. Go to Submit a Character to be Written into Hell for the rules. The contest closes at 23:59 December 23, 2011, Central European Time.



What’s New - November 2011


Not much new to report. I currently have 3 short stories in circulation. Fingers crossed. I will be posting my interview with Janet Morris in a few days.


Unfortunately the Rogues Blades Entertainment website was hacked, so I had to remove all direct links. Jason is working on a new site.



What’s New - September 2011


Lawyers in Hell received a rave review at Aphelion. The reviewer felt there wasn’t a weak story in the entire collection.


I have posted an excerpt from my upcoming short story The Saglek Incident.


Currently I am working to complete my story for Adventurers in Hell, titled Colony, as well as a story for the 4th volume in the Sha’Daa series. This collection is Sha’Daa: Catechism, and the working title of my story is Interview.



What’s New - August 2011


The Saglek Incident was accepted for the third book of the Sha’Daa series. This upcoming book is titled Sha’Daa: Pawns, and is told from the POV of the enemy.


In addition, Sha’Daa: Last Call has found a new publisher and will be re-released as intended, free of the heavy-handed publisher-side editing plaguing the existing book.




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