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“This is ridiculous,” Wolfe mumbled. “This is a circus. A bloody circus.”


Wolfe groaned at the sight of a t-shirt with his image emblazoned on the front and the words Hour of the Wolfe in elaborate scroll stretched across the back. A second t-shirt making the rounds had Montcalm’s visage and the words French Fried on the reverse. Wolfe found that one mildly amusing.


But what Wolfe didn’t find amusing, in fact found mildly disconcerting, was the growing influx of spectators and morbidly curious. He had no clue how word of the upcoming battle could have spread so swiftly, until Churchill calmly mentioned something called the information age. Whatever that was.


And, oblivious of the chaos, two motionless armies of revenants stood like terracotta warriors from the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, separated from each other by a span of several hundred yards. These undead waited quietly, patiently, and completely unaware of the sights and sounds of the throng gathering along the sidelines.


To Wolfe’s further dismay the revenants represented four formations of soldiers drawn from various periods of English history. Some of the uniforms and weapons he recognized, others he didn’t. Fortunately, a look at Montcalm’s army determined the Frenchman had fared little better. To all appearances they were on equal footing. So, now he had to determine the best use of this hodgepodge of undead.


Churchill silently appraised Wolfe before smiling. “Relax,” he said. “This is Hell. Even if you die you’ll come back. Eventually.” He waved an arm at the crowds. “Think of this as a show for the masses.”


Wolfe frowned. “And what if I lose the rematch before these masses, sir? I have my pride.”


Eugene chuckled. “If you worry what people shall think of you if you fail, don’t. They don’t care. All they want is a good show. In time this will become a distant memory. Enjoy it for what it is. Entertainment.”


Wolfe snapped, “Easy enough for you, sir. It is obvious you two gentlemen, men that I admire, have succumbed to this nightmare place and take what it offers in stride. I, sir, have not.” He pointed at the motionless revenants. “And what, pray tell, do I do with these?”


“Use them,” Eugene replied.

Plains of Hell

This excerpt is from the shared-world anthology

Lawyers in Hell, a re-launch of the classic Heroes in Hell series from

Janet and Chris Morris.


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