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What’s New -  November 2012


Well, October was a crap month for rejections. Five of them. Worse string since I began writing. We need more pulp-style adventure markets.


On a positive front, Sha’Daa: Pawns, featuring my story The Saglek Incident, was released on November 5. It is available in both trade paperback and Kindle editions from


Rogues in Hell continues to sell well. Speaking of which, I am currently writing a story for the next volume, titled Dreamers in Hell. In my story Marconi, Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Meucci run cable to the Library of Hellaxandria. That is, until they run afoul of a pack of Hell-Hounds. Nuff said.


I’ve been invited to submit stories to a horror anthology and a science fiction anthology. Both offer exciting opportunities.

What’s New -  December 2012


Bigfoot Terror Tales: Vol. 1, featuring my story Witiko, was recently released by Coscom Entertainment. It is available in trade paperback format and on Kindle from,,, as well as Barnes & Noble and other outlets.


For the past 20 plus years my wife and I have owned Shar-pei dogs. At one time we bred them. Recently my wife decided to shift gears, and now we have a Brussels Griffon puppy, aged 8 months. Someone said they are nicknamed the ‘Velcro Dog’, and after a week of her hopping from lap to lap I can see why.


Still working on a few stories for anthology invites, as well as some other projects.

What’s New -  October 2012


It looks like my foray into the world of graphic novels is alive again. Not only will The Marsh God see a re-release, but a couple other projects near and dear to my heart are on the burner.


What’s New -  September 2012


I was recently interviewed by the folks over at the Inspiration Forum, located in the UK. It was a great interview, with lots of interesting questions. I talk about things like my writing and how Robert E. Howard inspired me. You can read the interview here.


Meanwhile, I sent out a few more stories and continue to wait on some responses.

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