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What’s New -  October 2013


Author Joe Bonadonna has posted yet another extensive review at the Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature website. This is for Lawyers in Hell, which features my story Plains of Hell. He calls my tale a ‘rousing yarn’.



What’s New -  August 2013


My Lovecraftian short story The Pariah is now available to read for free at the Lovecraft eZine. You can find it here.



What’s New -  July 2013


Author Joe Bonadonna posted his review of  Rogues in Hell over at the Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature website, in which he specifically mentions my story Colony as his favourite. Nice.



What’s New -  June 2013


My story pitch for the next volume in the Heroes in Hell series, titled Poets in Hell, has been approved by series editor Janet Morris. No story title as of yet, though. Currently I have some ten anthology invites on the go, which is good. Finding the time to write for all of them is another matter. FanExpo is coming this August, with some great guests. I plan to attend. Hope it happens.



What’s New -  May 2013


I sold a Dalacroy and Moirya tale to an upcoming anthology titled Heroes All, from new publisher Fantom Enterprises. It’s been a while since this couple has seen print, so it’s nice to have them back in action. The story is called Standard Diplomacy, and should appear Spring of  2014.


On the flipside, a story I figured had an excellent chance of landing in a Time Travel reprint anthology was rejected. Disappointing, as it originally appeared in the now defunct Paradox: The Magazine of Historical & Speculative History, no mean publication. Their loss.


Sadly, author Andrew J. Offutt passed away on April 30, 2013. In his prolific career he wrote several superior Conan and Cormac Mac Art pastiches as well as creating the character Hanse Shadowspawn for the Thieve’s World series. Janet Morris likened Hanse as Andrew’s alter-ego. I had the privilege of sharing a Table of Contents with Andrew in Rogue Blades Entertainment’s Rage of the Behemoth.


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