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What’s New -  July 2014


Poets in Hell was released last month. This volume is the 17th book in the long running, HUGO award winning series.


Here you will find “the best, the worst, and ugliest bards in perdition vying for Satan's favour as poets slam one another, Satan's Fallen Angels smirk up their sleeves, and the illiterati have their day.”


Features my story Hell-Hounds. I am happy to say this is my third appearance in the venerated series. Next up will be Doctors in Hell.


What’s New -  October 2014


Not much happening lately, though I did give an interview a couple of months back after the release of  Poets in Hell. It can be found at the Library of Erana. In it I talk about writing for Janet Morris, authors who have influenced me and the writing process.



What’s New -  August 2014


Poets in Hell continues to sell well and has garnered great reviews. Here are a couple of sample comments:


“If you like your tales of darkness served neat, over hot coals, and with a brimstone chaser, then this anthology is for you.” - A.P. Weston


“Every single story has a unique feel to it and every single author’s talents are exemplified in each individual tale.” - JP Wilder   


Joe Bonadonna, one of the authors of Poets, wrote an in depth article for Black Gate Magazine where he provides a synopsis of each story. You can read it here.


My story Hell-Hounds featured a cameo appearance from one Robert E. Howard.  I am happy to say he will return in an expanded role in Doctors in Hell, the next volume in the series.

What’s New -  June 2014


I am please to announce my short story Hell-Hounds has been accepted for publication in the upcoming Poets in Hell, the next volume of the HUGO award winning series Heroes in Hell. Hell-Hounds is the tale of  Marconi, Bell and Meucci running afoul of some four legged, nasty creatures while installing Cable TV. Will they survive? And could the arrival of Snorri Sturluson and one yarn-spinning, sword swinging Bob Howard turn the tide?